Accounting Services

Brayman, Houle, Keating & Albright, PLLC offers a complete range of accounting and financial statement preparation services in accordance with standards issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The accounting services our firm is capable of providing are as follows:

  • Compilation
  • Review
  • Audit
  • Write Up Services

Why Us ?

Our firm has developed a reputation for delivering quality accounting services in a timely manner that is cost-effective for our clients.

Of equal importance is our desire to transfer as many of our accounting skills and experience as possible to your staff. This philosophy allows us to maintain our fee structure and concentrate our efforts on addressing more sophisticated issues such a profitability, balance sheet management, maximizing cash flow and strategic tax planning.

Compiled Financial Statements

Compiled financial statements are prepared by a CPA based on information provided by management. This information, generally in the form of an income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows and footnote disclosures (although non-disclosure financial statements can also be prepared), is presented without the CPA expressing any assurances on the information contained in the financial statements.

Review Financial Statements

A review is a higher level of service than a compilation in the preparation of financial statements. Reviewed financial statements are prepared based on information provided by management, however, a CPA will also perform inquiry and analytical procedures that provide the CPA with a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurances that no material modifications are needed for the financial statements to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting principals.

While a review is a more involved service than a compilation, it does not provide the CPA with a basis for an opinion on those financial statements.

Audited Financial Statements

An audit is the highest level of service a CPA can provide relative to a client’s financial statements. The objective of an audit is to provide a reasonable basis for expressing an opinion regarding the financial statements taken as a whole.

Additionally, an audit involves the CPA obtaining an understanding of internal control, testing of accounting records, observing and confirming financial data and performing certain other procedures ordinarily performed during an audit.

Write Up Services

In addition to our audit, review and compilation services our firm is also capable of taking the original books of entry of a client (checkbook, billing records etc.) and entering this data into a computerized general accounting package either at the client’s site or in our office.

Our staff is fully experienced in the use of many computerized accounting packages including MAS90, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree, One-Write Plus and many others and would be happy to assist your company in the selection of an accounting software package that is suitable for you business.