Fraud Services

Financial investigations also known as financial intelligence, investigative accounting, corporate intelligence or fraud investigation, encompass a wide variety of investigative techniques designed to help companies combat fraudulent activities.

At Brayman, Houle, Keating & Albright, PLLC we apply a variety of forensic accounting techniques to identify off-balance sheet assets and liabilities, off-income statement revenues and expenses, and other indications of fraud or defalcation.

The application of these techniques requires accounting knowledge, experience, investigative skills and training and the ability to communicate those findings in a concise yet thorough manner.

Investigative Services

Combining the expertise and financial consultants with the skills of professional investigators we assist corporations, insurance companies and attorneys investigate and solve complex financial matters. At Brayman, Houle, Keating & Albright, PLLC we provide a full range of services in an effort to detect fraudulent activities and measure the impact of damage caused by particular actions or inactions. Among the fraud related services are firm is capable of providing include:

  • Corporate Theft Investigations
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Record Reconstruction
  • Review of Internal Controls

Our team of professionals has the unique capability of drawing from many years experience in both the public and corporate accounting environments. This diversity of experience brings a unique perspective to your investigation engagement unmatched by most CPA firms in the area.