Tax Preparation

Individual Tax Services

Federal and State Tax Preparation Our firm professionals draw on many years of experience in preparing federal and state personal tax returns in an accurate, personal and efficient manner. Our day to day experience with the more complex issues in the Tax Code such as Incentive Stock Options (ISO’s), Non-Qualified Stock Options, rental properties, sales of business property and self-employment income ensures your return will be prepared by a tax professional knowledgeable with even the most complex tax issues.

In additional to the above, our firm is capable of preparing both MA Resident, Non-Resident and Part Year tax returns as well as state returns for all other states including NY, CA, ME, VT, NJ, CT .

Brayman, Houle, Keating & Albright, PLLC is an authorized E file provider by the Internal Revenue Service.

Tax Analysis and Planning – Working within the provisions of the federal and state Tax Codes we develop tax plans for clients aimed at maximizing opportunities with a goal toward reducing their effective tax rates through a variety of tax strategies tailored to match the individual tax needs and objectives.

Corporate Tax Services

Federal and State Tax Preparation – The increasing complexities of both the federal and state tax laws require the services of individuals who command an intimate working knowledge and understanding of the Tax Code. With the tax laws varying greatly from state to state, we assist our clients in navigating the complex maze of both single and multi-state tax laws and regulations to ensure that your returns are prepared in an accurately and timely manner.

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Transaction Analysis – In additional to short and long range tax planning our firm is capable of assisting clients in analyzing and evaluating the tax implications of a variety of individual transactions. From calculating the tax implications of a real estate sale or purchase or reviewing the tax impact of a business purchase or sale, our tax professionals can provide valuable assistance in structuring major transaction that impact your business in a tax efficient manner.

Multi-State Tax Compliance – In an increasing effort to generate tax dollars at the state level, we are continuing to see many states expand their definition of “nexus” or “business presence “ in their respective states. The establishment of “nexus” requires companies (and sole proprietors as well) to file not only a state corporate (or individual) return in that state but also prepare and file sales tax returns (where applicable) in those states as well.

Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with multi-state corporate, individual and sales tax issues and can provide assistance to your business in this very difficult area.